Jewelry Repair
With over 125 years of combined experience, allow our highly skilled experts to repair your fine jewelry on the premises in Lafayette, Indiana.
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205 Farabee Dr. N. |  Lafayette, IN,47905

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A walk through time is what you will take as you journey through the many square foot of antiques at RamZs Emporium. Find yourself stepping back into history! Maybe you will enjoy the chair that belonged to Abe Lincoln's son, Todd. So precious that you are not allowed to sit in it. Or, perhaps it's Cracker Jack toys that catch your eye. Will the fossils or Megalodon prehistoric shark teeth fascinate you the most? Then there are the WWI medals and Mayan Indian jade burial mask. What ever catches your eye, there will be plenty of it at RamZs Emporium. It will take you hours to see it all. Looking at the pictures below will give you insight into other similiar things we might have in our store at RamZs Emporium.

Bronzes Seasonal Clocks Dolls Toys Fossils Furniture Glassware Lamps Music Native American Paper Documents

Treasures You May Find